Nuziveedu Seeds Biochar: Enrich Your Soil, Boost Your Yields

Nuziveedu Seeds Biochar is an organic soil amendment made from corn shank waste and cow dung. Our unique production process gives Biochar exceptional properties to revitalize poor soils and allow your crops to thrive.

What is Biochar?

Biochar stands as a carbon rich solution derived from the controlled heating of agricultural byproducts such as corn shanks in a controlled, oxygen limited environment. This transformative process endows Biochar with remarkable longevity and efficacy as a soil conditioner, providing enduring benefits to agricultural endeavors.

Benefits of Nuziveedu Biochar:

  • Moisture Retention: 27% water soluble matter for drought protection.
  • Soil Aeration: 34% carbon content promotes root growth.
  • Nutrient Capacity: Enhances nutrient availability for plant health.
  • pH Neutralization: pH of 8.2 for optimal growth conditions.
  • Salt Mitigation: Low conductivity prevents salt buildup.

Nuziveedu Biochar is a powerhouse of nutrients sourced directly from nature. Its impressive nutrient profile includes 0.69% Nitrogen, 0.10% Phosphorus, and 0.47% Potassium, providing essential elements for plant growth. Additionally, it contains 380 mg/kg of Magnesium, 530 mg/kg of Iron, 69 mg/kg of Zinc, and 135 mg/kg of Manganese, enriching the soil with vital micronutrients necessary for robust plant development. With Nuziveedu Biochar, plants receive a comprehensive nutrient boost derived from nature’s own bounty, ensuring healthier and more productive growth.

Easy to Use:

Our Biochar has a uniform 1 to 2 mm particle size that makes it simple to apply and incorporate into any soil type. Use it as a soil amendment or mix it into your compost.

Give your plants the best start and sustained nutrition with Nuziveedu Seeds Biochar. Reinvigorate your soil, reduce nutrient losses, conserve water, and leave a lighter environmental footprint.

Grow Healthier Crops with Nuziveedu Biochar