NSL has built a well-equipped ultramodern research infrastructure in its biotechnology wing enabling R&D to release popular hybrids across regular intervals.

NSL takes pride in its cutting-edge R&D facility. Our genotyping laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Utilising the SNP platform, we ensure rigorous genetic purity assessment which further ensures that every seed meets the highest quality standards.

Over the years, we have pioneered artificial screening methodologies for economically important diseases, facilitating the introgression of resistance traits into our germplasm. Our cutting-edge in vitro bioassays for insect resistance particularly in cotton empowers are breeders to consistently develop popular hybrids.

We have a significant commitment to climate resilient agriculture. We have successfully established precision abiotic stress screening facilities for drought, heat and sodicity across crops, helping plants to withstand and recover from the stress.

We at NSL, are working with advanced predictive breeding programme across key crops through integration of metadata with AI ML by using bioinformatics.

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The quality policy at NSL ensure world class quality standards for optimal yields and maximum farmer profitability. .

Quality control at NSL is a crucial step in ensuring excellence of our seeds. Stringent measures like screening through STL and grow out test are mandatory for all the seeds which guarantee that only top-quality seeds reach or farmers.

Annually, around 3,00,000 of samples are tested for germination, physical purity and vigour. About. 50,000 lots of samples are tested in more than 500 acres of NSL GOT firms.

The GM crops undergo the ELISA test to ensure gene purity.


NSL’s sales and marketing team is the driving force behind it’s mission of bringing happiness and prosperity to farmers and all other stakeholders in the value chain to ensure the food, fibre and oilseeds security of the nation.

The dynamic team of Agri professionals is working for helping farmer take better yields from the crop sown, servicing the extensive channel network which forms the backbone of the company and caters to the farmer’s demand. We are committed to play role of a catalyst in beginning a paradigm shift in Indian Agriculture. We take pride in our Interactive Farmer's Outreach Programs designed to enrich farmers knowledge fostering adoption of new technology and modern agricultural practices.

Through a Farmer centric approach, we aim to deliver quality seeds that contributes to the prosperity of farmers.


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We reach out to farmers through various programs

Tele-calling portal to resolve customer queries

Building sales capability for value selling

Influencer farmer network for brand building