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Black Gold Rush: National Seminar in Hyderabad Explores Biochar and Carbon Credits.

Hyderabad Hosts Groundbreaking Discussion on Biochar Manufacturing and Carbon Credits.

On Wednesday, Hyderabad hosted a landmark event focused on sustainable agriculture and climate change mitigation. The Progressive Biochar Society, in association with Rainbow Bamboo Academy and the National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ni-MSME), hosted a one-day National Seminar on Biochar Manufacturing Equipment and Carbon Credits.

The seminar, held at ni-MSME Hyderabad, drew over 110 biochar enthusiasts from across India, including farmers from neighboring states. The one-day seminar, sponsored by Nuziveedu Seeds Limited as part of their CSR initiatives, brought together experts, industry leaders, and agricultural innovators to explore the potential of biochar in mitigating climate change and enhancing soil fertility.

Dr. P. Chandra Shekara, Director General of MANAGE, Hyderabad, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, while Dr. L. Venkat Ram Reddy, Former Commissioner of Horticulture, Telangana, presided over the event , sharing insights on integrating biochar into horticultural practices. Dr. S. Glory Swarupa, Director General of ni-MSME, Hyderabad, attended as the Guest of Honor.

The seminar kicked off with an inaugural session featuring presentations from industry leaders. Mr. Flo Oberhofer of PyroCCS India Pvt Ltd and Mr. Tarak Dhurjati of Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd shared insights into cutting-edge biochar technologies and their applications in agriculture.

The technical sessions covered a wide range of topics. Mr. Manoj Natarajan of Goenvi Technologies Pvt Ltd explored the intersection of biochar and renewable energy. Mr. Anil Chouk of Sanjivani Agro Machinery presented on small-scale biochar production solutions for farmers.

In the afternoon, Mr. Tanmay Telang of Takachar Pvt Ltd addressed the crucial topic of scaling up biochar production. Mr. Niroj Mohanty of Core CarbonX Solutions Pvt Ltd delved into the potential of carbon credits in the biochar industry, while Mr. Harish Yadav of EarthOnly discussed the environmental impacts of biochar use.

This seminar marks a significant step forward in India’s efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable agriculture. As biochar gains traction as a powerful tool for carbon sequestration and soil improvement, events like these pave the way for wider adoption and innovation in the field.

The organizers expressed their gratitude to Nuziveedu Seeds Limited for their sponsorship and to all participants for their enthusiastic engagement. With the success of this seminar, the Progressive Biochar Society looks forward to organizing more such events in the future, continuing to fan the flames of the biochar revolution in India.