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Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd is the Largest Bt cotton seed company in India (in terms of volumes of seed packets sold in 2012-13)* which develops, produces, and markets hybrid and varietal seed products. It is the flagship company of the NSL Group which is a multimillion (in INR) conglomerate with interests in power, textiles, retailing, sugar and infrastructure.

In addition to conventional breeding programmes, Nuziveedu Seeds depends heavily on biotechnology to improve the quality of seeds it produces. Today the farming community considers, Nuziveedu Seeds amongst the most trusted seed companies in India owing to its intensive and rigorous research and development (R & D) efforts, coupled with its stringent quality control processes.

Nuziveedu Seeds - 50 Years of Growth and Prosperity



Development (R&D) and Innovation are key factors in the seed industry, which have enabled outstanding achievements with impressive productivity gains in the last century. The resultant prosperity has ensured an abundant and safe food supply to suffice the needs of an ever growing global population. Remarkable successes which energized and empowered the green revolution relied to a great extent on public funds supporting research in public institutions. Today, however, R&D plays a crucial role in the growth of private companies and consequently they are making sizeable investments in R & D. There has been a paradigm shift in crop variety R&D over the past 30 years, which has evolved from being predominantly public to predominantly private.

Revolutionizing Agriculture in India with Sophisticated Seed Production from 1973

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